Need a way to save color settings


Well this is it; I have a color set to a hue, saturation and value; as well the hue variability the saturation variability and the value variability are set, then I need to go to a color next to the object I am working on, and it is a completely different color; but I know if I go to the new color: the hue, saturation and values as well as all the variability setting will be hard to replicate unless I have written them down -- so the thought came to me, "Why can't we easily save these settings?"

  • Hi Vision Painter,

    I think this is currently possible, perhaps you could try these steps?

    1. Open Painter, create a new document.

    2. Choose the color you want using the color wheel (hue, saturation and value)

    3. Open the color variability panel via Window>Brush Control Panels>Brush Media>Color Variability

    4. Set the color variability you desire.

    5. Click on the "Color Set Libraries" Panel.

    6. Along the bottom of the panel, there is a button "Add Color to Color Set". Click it.

    7. In the color variability panel, disable "ignore color variability from color sets". (this is a setting for the current brush, so if you want to keep this behavior, be sure to save the brush)

    8. Select a different color. Then re-select your saved color


    Your color is saved, and the color variability settings will be applied to brushes with the "ignore color variability from color sets" setting unchecked.

    I hope this helps!