Brush settings compared to Krita

In Krita the brush settings are shown in the image below:

Krita's brush settings 

and that of Corel Painter's looks like this:

Corel Painter's Brush settings

In Krita's brush setting

1- on the left you can change some properties of the brush and,

2- in the column next to it you can change the brush tip, for example, you can make it hard, soft, or Gaussian. You can also change the brush tip from circle to a rectangle and also change the aspect ratio of brush tip.

I cannot find similar settings in Corel Painter. I could find the Dab Profile, but I cannot change the aspect ratio for example. Krita also has predefined brush tip shape and I cannot find similar settings in Corel Painter.

Are there similar settings in Corel Painter? How do you modify the brush settings in Corel Painter?

Corel Painter's brush settings looks less intuitive to me and from Krita's settings I have the impression that all the different brushes are different combination of the settings that is you can transit from one brush to another by modifying enough parameters, while in Corel Painter, brushes are grouped in categories which it might not be possible to transit to different categories just by changing the brush settings.

  • Hi Resa,

    It is highly likely Painter has the ability to create the brush you need...what type of brush tip shape are you looking for? For example, if you want a rectangular-shaped tip, try these steps:

    1. Select the "Fast and Simple > Flat Color" brush

    2. In the toolbox, select the Rectangular selection tool

    3. Create a new document

    4. On the canvas, drag our a selection to the height and width you want the brush tip to be

    5. In the property bar, click the "modify" flyout and choose "Soften"

    6. Repeat the soften command a couple times.

    7. Choose ctrl/cmd+F to open the fill dialog...change the color to black.

    8. Remove the old selection (Ctrl/Cmd+D). Now create a new rectangular selection larger than your black rectangular nib.

    9. Choose Brushes>Capture Dab

    RESULT: the brush is now rectangular. When you paint, you will notice the brush nib is at a angle. This can be changed by clicking on the size flyout (under the size section of the property bar) and changing the angle to zero. While this is open, I also recommend reducing the spacing to around 5%.

    In this example, I showed the steps for creating a rectangular nib; hwoever, virtually any shape is possible with this approach.

    That said, there are dozens of other ways to create brushes in Painter..for example bristle brushes are amazing with the "Dynamic Speckles" option, so let us know what you are looking for and we can help you find it.

    On the other hand, if you're looking to learn the brush engine overall before deciding what you need, I definitely recommend exploring all the cateogries to get familiar with the various marks that are possible. Jason Maranto has an amazing tutorial series about the overall brush engine, and walks through each step in exceptional detail. ( Highly recommended way to learn about how it works.

    I hope this helps!