Order of Brushes in Palette...

Hello. I'm wondering if there is yet a way to save the order of brushes that I have set in Painter (now 2020)? That is, I have rearranged my list of brushes in the Brushes Palette so that similar brush types are grouped together instead of all listed alphabetically. But every time I open the Brushes Palette, they re all back alphabetical.

Is there a way to make my arrangement stick?


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  • I have not tried in P2020 but I think I remember it working earlier in P18 or P19. I have not tried in over a year or more.

    In brush selector, move categories or brushes in a library by left mouse button drag n drop the brush or category. I think Painter should remember when you close down and restart Painter, but the safer way is to then export the library or category and if next time you restart Painter the library or brushes are not in correct order, delete library or category and import your saved version.

    First try using this method: arrange brushes and categories, then save your workspace (also export your workspace so you have a backup) and after you close Painter and restart Painter it will load your saved workspace....which should be in the order you put them in. 

    I do remember it worked sometimes and sometimes not...so do a simple trial test with a few brush moves and see if it works.


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