Painter 2020 Hangs up on brush accelerator test on Surface Pro tablets.

Whenever I try to run the brush accelerator test on my Surface Pro tablets, Corel Painter 2020 locks up and never finishes the test. I first tried it on my Surface Pro 3 and it always locked up on the brush accelerator test. I had to hit end task to close Painter 2020. Since my Surface Pro 3 was an i5 processor with only 4 GBs of RAM and 128 GBs of storage, I thought that might be the problem. However, I just purchased a 2017 Surface Pro with an i5 processor with 8 GBs of RAM and 256 GBs of storage.  It had no other programs on it but the Microsoft stuff and it still locked up when I tried to run the brush accelerator test. I can use Corel Painter 2020 just fine without the brush accelerator on both tablets, but the brushes can't use the GPU because the test won't work. I have an HP desktop with an i5 processor and 8 GBs of RAM and it runs the test just fine. So I am wondering if this is a bug in Corel Painter 2020 that is specific to Surface Pro tablets.