drawing ability disconnects - Wacom Cintiq & Painter 2020

Hardware - Imac 27" 2019, Wacom Cintiq 22HD


When I move away from Painter 2020 to another program (web browser, photoshop etc) and then return to Painter the ability to make a line on the canvas goes away.

The stylus is still active however as I can move objects around on the canvas.

It always comes back, but I'm not sure what makes it come back.  I try several things--hitting keys on the keyboard, saving the documents.  Eventually the stylus will make a line again. It can take 30 seconds.  Not huge, but annoying enough in the workflow.

update: The ability for the stylus to make a mark consistently comes back  if i flip the stylus and use the eraser first--then i get a split-second like black circular thing (i think this is processing/waiting graphic) and I can draw again.

Any way to stop it from--not exactly disconnecting as stylus is still active--but losing the ability to make a mark?  

I think it's Painter specific as I don't notice it in Clip Studio Paint, my other  drawing program in heavy use. (Painter for "pencils" and CSP for "inks" on comic book work)