Brush pack not listed in my library, is it installed?

I just bought Painter 2020 which came with the animation brush pack free.  After unlocking my trial version, I ran the installer for the animation brush pack.  I have animation listed as a brush in my 2020 brushes.  However, when I look at what brush packs I don't have in Painters pop up screen for new brushes, it is not in my library.  Instead, the animation brush pack still says it can be bought.  So is the brush pack installed or not? And if it is, how can I get it listed in my library?

  • Hiya! I used to have this problem a lot until I realised that brush packs bought from the website aren't picked up as having been bought by the program, so they'll not show up in your library even if you can pick the brushes from the selector. I think there's a warning about this if you buy the packs from the website, you just have to make sure you don't forget what packs you have and accidentally buy them again.