Particles Spring Silk Ribbon Brush

Hello , I was using the Particles Silk Ribbon Brush and I notice that the stroke preview on the general brush control had some colors along the stroke. This allow me to paint a colorful rainbow with silky field of colors. I reset the brush thinking that this was part of the brush original reset but I lost it and now I don't know how to replicate that brush that gave me those rainbow colors.

will be grateful to know how to get that effect back on the brush,


  • Hi Navin,

    If you're on Painter 2020, try Window > Brush Control Panels > Brush Media > Color Variability

    If you're on Painter 2019 or previous, try Window > Brush Control Panels > Color Variability

    Once the panel is open, try increasing the hue slider. Be sure to also try increasing the 'smoothness' slider, as higher values makes the color changes more gradual and generally more appealing. Good luck!