Painter 2020 crashes on save - Windows 10

I have installed trial version of 2020 - EVERY attempt to save a file (ctrl -s) - I dont use the wacom keys, results in freezing up when the "saving to Riff file" bar opens.  It just sits there with the little clock icon but no green bar.  I have tried resetting the workspace - no luck.  Sometimes it takes forever to launch as well.  I am trying to like this new version, but am about ready to regress back to Painter 12 . 

The performance test drops every time I run it - a while ago it was 2005.  I know I don't have the latest and greatest computer, but it should be adequate.   Any ideas?


  • Performance may also be affected by other programs running. Try closing all programs except P20 and see what happens. Also if insufficient RAM P20 will use HDD and run quite slow, be patient and maybe check Task Manager to verify P20 is still running and not stuck.