Zoom tool makes lines look jagged


I got Corel Painter 2019 with the Humble Bundle, and while I was playing around in it I noticed a little annoying issue with the zoom tool that doesn't occur in other programs I use such as Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS6. Whenever you zoom in/out the art on the canvas doesn't render correctly and shows up with little jagged parts, see this image for a visual.

I have the setting ''high quality display: smooth objects when zooming'' turned off, since the art gets really blurry when you try to view it on near-pixel level if that helps anything.

Is there any way to have these jagged edges not turn up while using the zoom tool, like a setting I'm missing or perhaps there's a 3rd party plugin (if those even exist for Corel)? I was thinking of potentially using Corel as my main program to draw in, but the issue with the zoom tool is pretty annoying to deal with and makes me not want to use it.

Edit: I've seen several other threads about this issue and it might be actually related to some kind of anti-aliasing issue that's never been fixed? There's threads about this dating back 10 years, if it doesn't get fixed I guess I can be glad I didn't spend several hundreds on this program :')