Painter 2020 crashes on startup with no error, Windows 10 64-bit

I have been using Painter 2020 on Windows 10 for about 90 days and it has been working fine.

Recently, my system crashed because the C:\ drive became full and Windows stopped working. Some application files became corrupted, like my Microsoft Office profile and my Quicken financial management data file. I was able to restore these and keep going.

Today I attempted to start Painter for the first time since my system crashed. It started like normal, gave no error message, and then after the launch screen, it crashed with no error messages, returning me to my Windows desktop. I have attached a screenshot of the last view of Painter 2020 before it crashes.

Before posting here, I attempted to reset Painter to defaults by holding down the Shift key as I started Painter. That did not solve the problem. Then, I attempted to Repair painter using the installation file. Despite a message stating that Painter had been repaired, that did not solve the problem. Then, I uninstalled Painter, ran a registry cleaner, and restarted my system. Then I attempted to completely reinstall Painter. That did not solve the problem.

The software worked fine for 90 days. It suddenly stopped working and crashes at startup. Since even a clean reinstall has not solved the problem, what other solutions can help restore my software?

Thank you for your time and help.