Painter 2019 Crashing to desktop? (Windows 10)

I recently purchased Painter 2019 and downloaded it yesterday onto my laptop with Windows 10 (Home 64 bit). Yesterday when I downloaded it, it was working perfectly on my laptop with my Huion H610PRO tablet. However, when I started my computer up this morning the program wouldn't start up at all, every time I do open it, it immediately crashes to desktop. So far, I have tried resetting the workspace (Shift+click), repairing the download, checking for updates, running the program as admin, forcing it to run through command prompt and Run, trying different windows compatibility modes, and uninstalling + reinstalling. So far, no dice.

I use an HP Envy with an i7 core, 12gb of RAM, and intel IRIS Graphics 540, plus I have 497 gb open. I tried looking around to see if it was a hardware problem but didn't see anything indicating it was. Anyone have any idea what else I can try?