working with large images.

I am trying to work with a large image (20 x 30 inches 300 dpi) in Painter 2020 and I am having a very difficult time. Painter keeps crashing. And when it doesn't crash, it is painfully slow. Is this program not meant to handle such large images?

  • Hi fpowers,

    By my estimates that is about 6000 x 9000 pixels, so yes it's a large document but Painter can go even larger on a powerful computer. How many layers are you creating? Are you using Watercolor and/or Thick Paint?

    Maybe there's something else leading to the instability and performance issues? Are there specific steps that seem to cause the slowdown or crashes?

  • Often you can paint on a smaller image and then up-resolution it to final size. This works for paintings that don't have small detail because up-sizing generally adds softness but paintings are usually soft.

    Alternatively you can add small details to the upscaled canvas and do the soft work on a small canvas.