Warping selection around a curve in Painter 2019

Hi, I am new to painter. Is there a way to distort a selection so that it curves instead of stretching?

For example, I have a pattern and I want to wrap it around a cylindrical object. If this can't be done, could someone suggest me an alternative method?


  • Hi Marv,

    Painter does not have a 'mesh warp' per se, but depending on the type of detail you need such workflows may be possible. For example, I had pretty good results using the FX-Distorto brush at a very large size, and dragging the image shape around. Distorto did blur the pixels of the pattern, tho.

    I also toyed with Effects > Surface Control > Image Warp  and had some succcess, but I found I was able to only distort one edge of the pattern at a time, rather than nicely shape both edges into a cylinder.

    Again, my guess is this would only suit lower resolution workflows where you're just trying to sculpt some existing paint...if you are doing a high-resolution pattern on a cylinder, a full mesh warp is likely needed and unfortunately Painter does not have this.