Brush tool wont open

Hi folks 

Please help me out , its probably the must basic question but I boutght the software to have some fun on the graphics tablet with my has been fine for the first few days but today no matter what I try the brush tool wont open so I can change from brushs to pencils to crayons etc all I can see is blender beside the brush had to be something basic but of any of you can help me out o would appreciate it.  Of you could even go as far as.step by step because I haven't really much of a clue to be honest ..I'm using essential 7 thanks in advance for your help . 

  • Hello,

    I don't know how you ended up in this situation but if you see it again please send me an email to

    To reset the workspace and start fresh, close the application, hold Shift key down and click on PE7 icon to launch app;

    You get the dialog to restore Painter Essentials to factory default settings, Enable the second radio button (restore....) and click on Reset.

    That should revert the app to its default state.