Old brush is slow on Painter 2019

Hello, I just upgraded to P2019, and I discovered that my "old" custom brushes made in Painter 11 and 12 are slightly slower now, on a PC with 12Gb of RAM and i7 core.

I mean when I paint I feel a very little delay in the brushstroke.

The brushes that I created are very basic and made to be super fast, so I was very surprised about finding this.

My question is if I need to re-create these brushes in P2019 to have the same original behavior, or it could be a video card related issue, meaning that the delay is only on the video lag and not in the program itself.

For the community: did you have a similar issue too?

  • 2019 doesn't depend on video card.  Remove the problem brushes and then import again from within the program.  Also, 11&12 brushes are in 2019 and you could slect and modify and save as variants.

  • Hmm, generally speaking pretty much all brushes should be faster in a newer version of Painter on the same given system. Ron has a good suggestion, and if that doesn't work maybe you can provide us a bit more information about the brush? I'm curious if on import some extra settings are being added that are impacting performance. For example, I would consider these steps:

    1. Select the slow(er) brush

    2. Ctrl/Cmd+B

    3. try enabling/disabling multi-core..does this make a difference?