Painter 2019 not working with the Elgato Stream Deck anymore

Hi all!

I'm using Corel Painter 2019 on a Cintiq 16, which doesn't have any buttons. To remedy this, I got an Elgato Stream Deck. Basically a small, customisable keyboard.

It was working perfectly fine until I moved my laptop and setup to a new location. Since then, Corel Painter first wouldn't open the canvas; everything else was fine, just not the canvas. I fixed that by resetting through holding shift then opening and resetting it, but my Stream Deck no longer works with it. I should say, the Stream Deck works with everything else (including other art programs) but absolutely nothing happens if I use it with Painter anymore. The Ctrl+z command just doesn't respond. If I use my keyboard to do this, it works fine, but not the Stream Deck.

Any ideas? This is driving me insane, I don't even know what to search for anymore.

  • You have to create the shortcuts once more on el gato, im usding painter 2020 with the deck of 15 buttons and i have no problems asigning keyboard shoretcuts to the software of elgato, ieve even have animated gif images on them no problem at all.