Surface pro 4 Corel painter 2019 register's touch inputs as brush strokes

Been struggling with this for a few months now but I havent been able to find anything at all about this issue online.  I'm finding that almost  any time I take my stylus away from the screen to move my canvas. Instead if it actually moving, it causes a big dark line to trail behind my finger.  The line  goes on until I take my finger off the screen for about a full 2 seconds. 

I notice this only happens why I have it set to the rts option but the wintab option works just fine. I'd be perfectly fine with using the wintab option but that one also comes with it's own problem. Whenever I draw a line in corel it starts and ends with these tiny "L" hooks.  

I feel like I should also mention that in clip studio paint all of these things work fine also

If anyone has gone through either of these things and has a fix it would be greatly appreciated. I was really excited to use this app but those 2 issues really ruin the drawing experience for me. I've spent more time fighting against these settings than actually drawing. 

Thanks in advance to anyone that reaches out!

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  • Hi Telle,

    A couple of thoughts for you...

    1. Possible RTS work-around: In the Preferences>Tablet dialog Select the "RTS" option under "Tablet Settings" but also under "Multi-Touch Options" select the "Windows touch device" option (instead of the Wacom and windows touch). Restart painter. Does the line still trail behind your finger?

    2. Possible Wintab work-around: In the Preferences>Tablet dialog select the "Wintab" option and restart Painter. Now go into Preferences > Brush Tracking. Create a few strokes from heavy to light pressure and click OK to save the global brush tracking settings. Do the little L-hooks go away?

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