Corel Painter 2020 Does Not Recognize GPU - Windows 10/Surface Book Pro 2

I have Corel Painter 2020 installed on my Windows 10 Surface Book 2 with the following specs:

Processor: Intel Core i7-8650U @ 1.90 Ghz ~ 2.1 Ghz


Graphics Cards:

Display: Intel UHD Graphics 620

Render: NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060

I noticed that there was intense lag when I attempted to use Corel with my Wacom Intuos Pro Medium, so I ran the optimization test and learned that Corel thinks that my graphics card is not compatible. Going to the Performance menu under Edit tells me that Corel does not detect either of my graphics cards. I have not been able to get a straight answer from Google as to why this is.

I ran DirectX Diagnostics and it tells me that my Intel card's version was from 12/24/2018 and the NVIDIA one's is from 4/3/2018. I have not been able to find if there is an update to either of these graphics cards, but Windows Device Manager says both of them are up to date.

The only real answer I could find is that perhaps my graphics cards are not OpenCL compatible, but the only information I could find on that was from the NVIDIA website and the solution to that seemed to be to take apart my computer and reinstall Windows, and let's be honest, I really really REALLY don't want to do that right now. It may not even be intended for my factory-preinstalled Surface Book, that advice may have been for people who build their own systems from scratch.

I'm running out of ideas here and I could really use y'all's help on how to possibly fix this.

  • Hello,

    What are the settings in the Preferences > Tablet?

    If it is set to RTS please change that to WinTab and run the performance test.

    The minimum requirement for OpenCL is 1.2. 

    Let me know if that worked or not,


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