Painter 2020 crashes during optimization.

I have a Wacom Companion 2  16GB RAM,  512 GB SSD version. 

Running the latest windows 10 64 bit.   Every single time I run the brush optimization it crashes

painter 2020, but not windows.   

This is rather distressing because I just got a new art pen for Christmas.  Imagine my patrons distress when I'm not

using said pen to make new art. 

I have done a fresh install of windows 10 / wacom drivers / painter 2020 to rule out any pre-existing driver / software conflicts. 

Corel is aware of the issue and is 'working on it'  for the next software update which is coming out ... who knows when.   I haven't had the urge to 

paint in a long time and now that i do this is bumming me out!

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