Navigator Zoom Function Improvement

My painting process involves close and far views in the navigator using the zoom feature. I have not been able to find a way to toggle between, for instance, 100% and 250% reliably. It would be good if Painter would create a feature that the user could set as the maximum and minimum zoom values. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have a work-around for this issue.

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  • Might be a nice feature but I use keyboard shortcuts such as ctrl+0, ctrl+1, or simply ctrl+   + or  -    which zooms in specific increments and those zooms are less likely to be interpolated slightly blurry...and it is fast...and you could setup shortcut keys of your own (I think, maybe) to specific zooms.

    I also use mouse wheel roll to zoom in and out. But P20, unlike Photoshop and many other programs, does not seem to support zooming centering to where the mouse cursor is pointing, that would be nice to have. Tho using zoom tool and dragging mouse seems to do so.

    Also see P20 User Guide and search for "wheel" and you will find several zoom capabilities.  When using zoom/magnifier tool, see toolbar at top of program window to see 1 click options too.  dbl click zoom tool = 100% view centered.

    I don't think P20 has ability to duplicate the active window (like Photoshop) with ability to see the same file in 2 windows at different zooms so you can jump directly from view to view or see how a small change looks in a different zoom such as 100%.  That would be handy.

    100% is one click or keyboard shortcut, 250% not easy but 200% and 300% is ctrl+ keys, easy.

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