How do you make a back up copy of Painter 2020?

I just purchased an upgrade version of Painter 2020 and cannot figure out how to make a back up copy of the software.    In the past versions I was able to simply keep a large size memory .exe file that would allow re-installation of the program.   In older versions you simply used a cd or dvd that was part of a box version.    When downloading this 2020 version I wound up with an exe file that was less than 2mb memory and simply executes your computer to locate the web site on-line where the program may be repaired or installed automatically without my intervention of any kind.    Without the ability to make a backup on my own there is no way to re-install the program in the event of a problem off-line.   I would imagine their on-line method will become inactive after a certain length of time as newer versions of the program are released.   It will become important to have a back up copy of the software in the future for that reason alone.   So what gives here, how can I make a back up copy of this software to re-install the program?   When I was checking out and initializing the purchase of this product on one page through the process there was a line entry that asked me to pay an additional $14.98 for something that suggested I would need to protect my investment.   At that point I did not pay much attention since with version 2016 I bought something that was a back up disc yet discovered when they mailed me the disc it was something I could easily have made myself from the file they sent me for installation of the program, therefore the back up seemed like a waste of money.   Back in 2016 they sent you an exe file that was over 338 mb (the entire installation program) and could easily be saved and used for re-installation in the event of any problems by simply clicking on it.    As a result of this past experience I passed by that one page where they asked for an additional $14.98 to protect my investment.    What option do I have now for making a back up of the Corel 2020 program?    Would saving a copy of the entire Corel directory file that was installed within the Windows Programs file work as a back up?