random lines with CP 2020

I have a new computer and all my performance is excellent.  I am getting random lines when using my Cintiq Pro 24 and pen.  Has anyone had this issue and if so what can I do to correct it?

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  • Lorraine,

    You mentioned that  in your discussions with Corel that it was hinted that the problem might be addressed in a new release.  I just purchased Corel Painter 2021 and it seems to correct the issue.

    When I go back to 2020 and select the Edit/Preferences/Tablet and select Wacom-compatible device.   Then close and open the application I can see the random lines appearing again.  I am using Pens and Pencils/Flat Color for this test.  After about 5-10 strokes I get the artifact.

    Performing the same experiment in Painter 2021 doesn't seem to cause problems.

    Of course, Painter 2020 didn't seem to have the problem for me initially but I suspect the problem showed up with the latest Windows 10 Updates.  

    Maybe you could see if they would give you a bigger discount than they are already offering  ;)

    Hope this helps.


    Paul Fish

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