Texture Brushes

I’m new to Painter, which may account for the following question.  I want to paint texture onto photographs.  When using one of the Cover Texture brushes to paint onto a photo, I’m getting nothing, other than a square of texture in the upper left corner of the image.  All other brushes are fully functional.  I can get texture when painting on a blank canvas, but not on a photo.  There’s probably a simple answer to all this, but all my searches for an explanation have led nowhere.

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  • Ah, this is actually a fairly common confusion people encounter. Corel Painter Textures don't repeat and default to being in the upper left corner. My answer here tells you how to use the Transform tab to move it to where you want it. My guess is that you're probably working with very large photographs (these days, digital camera default to several thousand on each side), and so it's a lot more visible than with a smaller painting canvas.

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