Layer menu sensitivity with XP-Pen tablet display


I recently purchased Painter 2020 and I'm using an XP-Pen artists 15.6 pro graphic tablet display.

Everything has worked great with the brushes so far however I can't seem to figure out an issue with

the layers menu.

Whenever I use the pen tablet to try and select a layer, add a new layer, or delete a layer it registers a single

tap of the pen against the display as a mouse hold or as multiple mouse clicks. I've tried keeping the pen

away from the screen just enough to scroll the mouse pointer without clicking and also tried puling the pen completely away 

from the screen when not clicking on the menu items and it still registers it as a mouse button hold.

I've tried calibrating my pen display and changed the sensitivity settings towards both hard and soft but no luck.

I also calibrated the brush in the Painter software on the scratchpad. It doesn't seem to make any difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Having to switch back to my mouse to adjust layers seems counterproductive.