"Save As..." does not save if the file already exists, even when accepting duplicate overwrite (Mac)

I am working in Painter 2021 (MacOS) on a file called FOOBAR.PSD. In my directory I also have FOOBAR.RIF.  I choose "Save As..." to save my loaded FOOBAR.PSD file as "FOOBAR.RIF" (Painter Format). Painter will give me a warning that I am going to overwrite FOOBAR.RIF.

When I check, FOOBAR.RIF has not been saved and the original FOOBAR.RIF is still there. I can verify it has not changed.

The only way to reliably Save As... is to delete the target FOOBAR.RIF file and choose Save As... for it.

I first noticed this going the other way, with a .RIF I tried to Save As a PSD.

**PLEASE** fix this, as Save As... is an important feature for interoperating with other programs.