Saving custom Lighting Effect preset

I'm reading a Painter techniques book based on Painter X. The text refers to PX's ability to save a custom lighting effect preset from the "Apply Lighting" command. I use PX3, but PX3's Apply Lighting command doesn't have a "Save" button as it apparently did in the PX version. Is there another way to import and export lighting presets in PX3? 

  • Hi Pixelated,

    Do you mean Effects > Surface Control > Apply LIghting?

    If so I checked Painter X3 and I was also not able to find a 'save preset' option, however it looks like the feature returned in Painter 2015 and is still available in Painter's a quick screenshot of 2016, for example:

    UUnfortunatley I'm not immediately aware of any way you can work-around that in X3...