Is there anyone from Corel reading these bug reports ???

Dear Corel,

Is there anyone at all from Corel monitoring this site. At minimum the bugs section should be monitored and the numerous bug reports at least acknowledged and passed along.

I feel like I'm wasting my time reporting problems with Painter. I have been reporting bugs through this site, through Corel during my very short free support period and through their Facebook pages.

I've devoted time not just posting bugs but I went above and beyond by including images and links to screen recordings on YouTube. With access to your source code, I could probably fix most flaws. And I only consider myself a very amateur at programming but that's just how obvious some flaws are.

After all my communications I have received very little response. The person on Facebook claimed she would forward the information. And a bug that I've been complaining about that was created in 2015 and still exists in 2016 was finally elevated to an engineer. Although, once my free support expired the case disappeared from Corels support section, even the the last email insured me that I would be able to follow the status there. So, who knows if anything is being done.

Since, Painter 2015 bugs have crept into Painter. Some major, but also a huge number of minor cosmetic and interface issues. Some are so obvious that your testers should be fired for missing them in 2015 and tar and feathered for allowing them to continue to exist in 2016.

Before I expend any more of my time posting bug reports, I need some sort of acknowledgement that I'm not doing anything more than throwing coins into a wishing well.

I will no longer be purchasing any Corel software until bugs that were created in previous versions and the new flaws created in Painter 2016 are addressed and repaired.

Sincerely a disappointed and infuriated  long time Corel user.