Grainy Cover Pencil location


I'm new to corel and I've got a dumb question, which needs in my case some printscreen of your screens.

I got corel painter but french version on mac OS. (important because on MacOs there is not a way to change the language of corel)

So i'm learning with tutorials, all in english of course, and the name of the pencils aren't really the same at all in french.

I'm desperate to found the "Grainy Cover Pencil", It didn't seem that I have it, is it possible that it's not included as a standard brush ?

Or can you shwo me with print screens where is it located?, thanks

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  • The Grainy Cover Pencil was removed from the Painter 2016 Brush Library when Pens and Pencils were consolidated into one category but it's still there in the 2015 library. All you need to do is change over to the Painter 2015 Library. When you open the Brush Selector, click on the menu icon at the top right of the panel and you will see "Brush Library", simply choose 2015 and the brush will be found in the Pencils category.