Win mousewheel zoom not always working correctly versions 2015-2017


I'm struggling with zooming with the mousewheel. Was very frustrated in v2015, hoped it was just that version, but also in v2016 and 2017. Most noticeable when I zoom out and then try to zoom in. However, only happens sometimes, while other times, just stops working. Could not pinpoint what scenario was exact cause.

I have a number of graphics programs, and it doesn't happen anywhere else.

I did contact Tech Support, but got nothing to resolve it. 

I have searched here and elsewhere online, but either I'm not seeing it or not finding it.

Specifics, if that makes any difference: Win 8.1, Logitech Click! optical mouse, Logitech mouse M705


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  • I've experienced this too at times. Not just mousewheel zoom, but also zoom strip on my Intuous tablet- same hangs. Have tried altering settings in Preferences-

    Smooth objects when zooming Applies smoothing to the current view to
    minimize pixelation when zooming.
    Increase screen drawing speed when
    zoomed out
    Increases the speed at which the screen is
    drawn when you are viewing an image at less
    than 100% magnification. Enabling this
    option may decrease accuracy.

    Changing the settings did no good. Problem persists intermittently. Very frustrating. My other image programs don't have this problem either.

    I  found that if I click on a blank area of the UI surrounding the canvas then the zoom function works on mouse and tablet properly.  But having to click on a blank area constantly while working is tedious.

    I wonder how many others have this problem too, and if their is a solution.