"Straight line strokes" creating slightly-off-90° lines in SOME AREAS with shift

I'm using Corel Painter 2017

This issue occurs when I use my Wacom Intuos tablet as well as when I use my computer mouse. It has persisted as I restart the program and/or my computer. It occurs with new documents and different brushes (including eraser), etc.

Basically, when using the "straight line strokes" setting on brush, when I hold down the shift key it should be creating lines at 90 or 45 degree angles. Sometimes, in some parts of the document, it is creating slightly-slanted lines. This doesn't happen when I use the "freehand strokes" setting and hold shift - the lines stick to 90 and 45 degrees, and helped me determine that the "straight line strokes" ones do not.

I took a video of my screen showing this issue occurring, here. The brush I am using has size variation completely turned off, i.e. every stroke is the same exact width; as I make strokes up and down, at a true 90° the line should look no different. Instead, in the strokes on the left half and upper half of the document, the lines clearly shift slightly each time. I had not noticed, until making this video, that the issue was only occurring on the top and left sides; it's possible that it has occurred at other times in other areas, though I am very unsure.

While I could in theory just use the "freehand strokes" to make these same lines, my life would be much easier to use the "straight line strokes," and also it's just very odd to me that this is happening (very all-of-a-sudden...) and so I would love a solution! 

  • Hi there...  I just posted about this as well!  It has been happening to me for awhile now though and It is extremely frustrating.  I'm on Painter 2018 but it was also an issue back in 2017.  Possibly previous versions too..  Also seems to have something to do with the length of the stroke as well.  Anyone with insight?

    Here is my post from another thread...

    Hello there,

    Ive been having an issue painting perfect restrained angles (0, 45, 90 etc...) by pressing the shift key using the straight line strokes setting (V) with the brush tool.  Basically if its a shorter stroke it will be off by a degree or two but if the stroke is longer it will then restrain properly to the appropriate angle perfectly.  I don't believe its for specific brushes as Ive seen it happen with different ones but I do tend to see it alot with the Artist Oils as I use those more than others.

    Also of note is that its visible in the preview when laying down the marks with the straight line stroke of the brush tool.  You can actually see the preview line shift from the off degree angle and snap to the perfect angle when extending the stroke longer before letting go to put down the mark.   Ive attached a quick screen cap illustrating the issue.  Anyone else experience this issue?  Been happening for sometime and several versions and of Painter now and would love to find a solution.

    Been happening on my new 5K iMac and a Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch setup but the problem was also present before the upgraded as well.  My older equipment was a 2009 Mac Pro along with a 20" Cintiq.  Currently running Mac OS High Sierra but again this problem has persisted through several OS upgrades etc...

    Much thanks!

    Dominick Saponaro

  • I tried this on my install of P2018 on Windows and can't replicate what you're seeing, unless I have the canvas rotated slightly. When I rotate the canvas to 4 degrees, I do start seeing this 'walking' effect. In my case, it's due to the slight aliasing that occurs since it's technically drawing a slightly diagonal line relative to the canvas if the canvas isn't at exactly 0 degrees. It's hard to tell from your video, but I'm assuming you're making your first stroke using shift, keeping it held, and then just tapping your pen above and below repeatedly to create these marks?

    If your canvas wasn't rotated, I have no idea.

    Are you using a Mac like dsaponaro? Maybe that has something to do with it. Also, what pixel dimensions are your document? That might have some effect too if it is some sort of unintended aliasing. When I tested it I was just using 1920x1080 defaults.

    EDIT: just noticed you're obviously on Windows. I do still have P2017 installed I think, I'll test in there...

    EDIT2: Ok, this is bizarre. Tried it in P2017, 1920 x 1080 canvas, using the Opaque Smooth Brush like your video, and it's indeed doing what yours did. Closed that, went back into P2018, and now it's doing it too. I tested this a bunch in 2018 before launching 2017 and it was definitely not doing it before. You can see the jog in the preview line before you release the stroke. I have no idea what could be causing it, but it's clear that something somehow is making it snap to something that's not a true vertical but instead a degree off.

    EDIT3: It's the zoom level of the document. Try it at 100%, I bet the issue goes away. I start seeing it at a zoom of 67%. Probably has to do with the clunky and outdated zoom that Painter has had baked in since its early versions. You could try complaining on their facebook page, but based on my experiences with their support (where I even got one of the quality assurance engineers a few months ago to tell me he'd ask the team to check in here and reply once in a while, which they clearly have not done), I wouldn't get my hopes up.