some pros and cons of corel painter 2018

i played a bit with corel painter 2018, maybe for a hour and this is what i've found sofar:

-didn't manage to crash the program to desktop by playing a minute with the selection lasso. painter 10 was very prone to that.
-undo (control+z) finally seems to correctly update your image, in Painter 10 it occasionally undid your previous stroke but didn't update the canvas.

-still unstable
-color triangle lags behind cursor if a brush from the thick paint category is selected.
-maximising painters window leaves a 1 pixel border on bottom and right side of the screen.
-zooming sometimes leaves a horizontal line artifact behind when "area-averaging" is enabled. if you make a brush stroke thru the line it disappears in that location (similar as
undone brush strokes would behave in painter 10 when the canvas didn't update). turning "area-averaging" off renders most zoom levels super jagged.
-zoom tool doesn't update the current zoom % value until you reach 200% zoom. select zoom tool and enter a value, for example 25% and enter. next left click with the zoom tool on the canvas
to zoom - notice you are zooming in but the value doesn't update until you zoomed 200% in, also if you type in a value then zoom in 1-2 times and retype the previous value it will not adjust
the zoom at all. can also occur while zooming out, only seems to update on 200 and 400 zoom.
-the search feature doesn't find ANYTHING, not even if you type the exact name of your currently selected brush.
-wet grainy brush starts lagging after a stroke is done. make a stroke and when you release left click or lift the tablet pen and move the cursor you can watch it lag and stutter quite drastically.
the duration of the stutter seems dependent on the stroke length but even a short one will have 1-2 seconds of stutter.
-experienced random twirls with a certain pallate knife if i change angle to rotation and use the wacom artpen.
-advertisements for new overpriced brush packs tied into the program.

i didn't try hard to find bugs but they are very common in corel painter 2018 - or most likely any corel painter version.

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