Stray strokes. painter 2020. (Technical Issue)

I have been fighting this program the last few days. I have been painting i love how the brushes feels. But there is one big issue i have, its the fact that the brushes sometimes makes stray strokes. If i move the pen slow, it happens. If i move the pen fast it happens. It does not happen in photoshop, nor in paintstorm or sketchbook. Happens with and without touch on or off. most of the time the stray strokes goes stray at the end of the stroke for some annoying reason. 


As you can see in the image the brushstrokes sometimes jump but most of the time to the right side. Why does this happen? and how can i stop it? i have tried cpu brushes, GPU brushes, and reinstalling the program, Reseting the drivers on the wacom cintiq. Tested older and newest drivers.  

Tablet > Wacom cintiq pro 16

OS: Windows 10