Surface Pro 7 Pen Pressure Sensitivity and Tilt Don't Work in Painter 2018


I have Surface Pro 7 with Windows 10 Pro November 2019 update, and all the drivers are up-to-date (Reinstalled them from here to make sure:

Surface Pen Pressure Sensitivity does not work on Corel Painter 2018, here are some observations:

1. Pressure sensitivity works well in Microsoft Whiteboard and also Concepts 3rd party app, so it's not a hardware issue.

2. Setting Painter "Tablet Options" to "Wacom-compatible Device (Wintab)" results in neither pressure sensitivity, nor pen tilt detection.

3. Setting Painter "Tablet Options" to "RTS-compatible device..." results in weird broken lines with no pressure or tilt detection. 

4. I Have installed wacom latest driver (honestly doesn't make sense to me, but was recommended on some other forums), and still it's not working...

Any solution is hugely appreciated! :-) 



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  • I just tried painter 2022, It does Not work with the Microsoft surface Pro 7. (i7 cpu) Pressure and tilt support do not wort. In RTS mode you get a broken line.

    in wacom  which is only for external tablets you get a solid line with no pressure or tilt variation.

    I spent numerous hours with Corel  painter 2020, 2021 and it was and is still not working in 2022..

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