Renaming Layers does not stick

The frustration that comes with renaming a layer has me not using the "OK" button upon renaming, but using "the return/enter key" instead. At least 50% of the time that works where using the OK button doesn't work more times than it works. This is such a hassle that sometimes I don't even change the name of the layers. Now that's dysfunctional. 

Please fix this.

  • Have this problem with P2021 on M1 Mac Mini with Big Sur. Didn't have this problem with P2020 on iMac with High Sierra

    Update: Rather than use Layer Rename or try to rename in Layer Attributes (neither of which works 100% of the time) I can rename a layer by just double clicking on the layer name in the Layers Panel. That highlights the current name and I can type over with new layer name. Whether this approach works 100% of the time will require more testing