opening a painter file with .psd in the latest version of photoshop

I have corel painter 2015. I have recently saved some work in the psd format to use in the latest version of adobe photoshop.  The file will not open in this version of photoshop.  Do I have to upgrade? I am not sure if my computer can run painter 2021 or 2020 smoothly. I have 2012 mac pro. Could I go buy painter 2017? Sometimes I want to use my painter images in photoshop or illustrator.  

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  • hi Jeff, 

    do you have any other psd compatible software around that you can open the exported .psd files with?

    are the psd files roughly the same size as .riff sources to rule out broken image layer contents?

    painter 2015 psds shouldn't be drastically different from painter 2017 or 2020, corel haven't intergrated a lot of psd specific features into their application.

    you can download a free trial of clip studio paint and see if you can open same files there.

    painter 2019/2020/2021 are overall better optimized than painter 2015, but your OS has to be compatible and your mac pro should run either mac os 10.14 (or 10.15 for painter 2021.)