opening a painter file with .psd in the latest version of photoshop

I have corel painter 2015. I have recently saved some work in the psd format to use in the latest version of adobe photoshop.  The file will not open in this version of photoshop.  Do I have to upgrade? I am not sure if my computer can run painter 2021 or 2020 smoothly. I have 2012 mac pro. Could I go buy painter 2017? Sometimes I want to use my painter images in photoshop or illustrator.  

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  • Hi Jeff, I'm curious, could there be specific features you are creating in Painter, that cannot be opened in Photoshop even though the file is in PSD format? Perhaps a quick screenshot of your layer stack could help...although I've not seen such an issue before, a specific layer type and/or layer feature could be the cause of the incompatibility. We could try saving an alternate version of the file without some of the 'suspect layers/features' to determine the root cause...then see if there is a way to preserve your hard work as you transition to Photoshop.

    We can start there, before having to move you to a new version or different software package.

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