Dab stencil vs Paper: difference?

Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between Dab stencils and Paper?
I don't mean the panels and settings, but the actual effect.

Especially this: what is the difference between:

a] Using a brush with a Grainy subcategory in combination with a certain paper.


b] Using a brush with the dab stencil option in comination with that same paper?

I looks to me that there is no difference.

  • Dab stencils make brush dabs more transparent; can be set to apply paper,flow maps or textures to do so. If you use the same paper for dab stencil as paper in use, you will not see much/any difference. But apply a much different paper or flowmap or texture for the dab stencil and you will see the difference. Painter user guide for P2021: look starting page 348 for examples.

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