Corel Painter 2021 Error 4 Code / Cant Uninstall


I am running WIndows build 2004 and installed corel painter 2021.  Upon trying to run the program, i get an Error 4: Corel Painter has encountered a problem.  Please install from the original source.I have tried repairing the program and tried uninstalling.  The repair is successful but the program still errors out.  I tried uninstalling, but when i click UNINSTALL the uninstaller exits and it just stays there running in the background.  

I have also tried removing all processes from startup to see if that would make a difference, and removing all the %temp% files and uninstalling from that.  I have run all the updates .NET, etc tried turning off virus protection and firewall... tried restarting the corel licensing process in the services menu... And nothing seems to work.  I am using a surface pro 7 currently and am having a difficult time because i really want to use this product.

  • Hi there, something that can happen from time to time is the downloaded file is corrupt somehow, have you tried re-downloading by any chance? Make sure you fullly unistnall and reboot before trying to install the fresh download. :)