Pen does not work - Painter 2020

Recently purchased painter 2020. Have tried installing it on several of our windows 10 touchscreen devices. We have several passive (capacitive) pens. Same issue on all machines. The pen only actives the menus. You can use multi touch to scale and rotate the canvas, but when on the canvas the pen doesnt work.

Painter is essentially rendered useless. The only device the "pen" works on is a brand new surface 2 go, which has a bluetooth active pen - HOWEVER in that iteration the pen does not recognize pressure.

Note - all other corel products work correctly on these devices using the pens, including Draw and Photopaint. Pen works as it should. Also pen works in other applications such as Microsoft 3d Paint.

This appears to be directly a Corel issue as we can recreate it by installing it on other windows touchscreen devices.

Any advice?