PE 7 brushes and other tools not working

Background: a couple of years ago, I got the Wacom Intuos CTH-490 / Painters Essential 5 combo and used it for some time without trouble. Dug the tablet out today and ran into trouble.

1. Launched Painters Essential 5 and everything was upside down and backward. Couldn't figure out a way to solve it. Tried to update software and got an error.

2. Decided to download Painters Essential 7 trial. It installed correctly and recognizes the tablet and pencil. HOWEVER, none of the tools work (either with the pencil or me just using my mouse trackpad). I can select various different tools, but they don't do anything. I can't paint, do paint bucket, anything. I've run through the basic troubleshooting tips -- made sure I'm working with a fresh document, paint opacity is on, layer opacity is on, etc. Nothing. I've run out of ideas and places to look for help.

This is on a MacBook Air running Big Sur. Anyone have any ideas? TIA.

  • I am having the same issue here.  I haven't even plugged in my tablet.  I just opened Painter Essentials 5 and the title page was upside down and backwards.  The only thing that has changed since I last used the program was that I had upgraded my OS on my MacBook Pro to Big Sur.