How do I stop those annoying painter marketing / advertising pop ups?

How do I stop those annoying painter marketing / advertising pop ups?

I can find no setting in Painter 2021 to turn them off.
There is no "Do not show this again" checkbox on the pop up.
And the Windows trick of disabling the CorelUpdateHelperTask and CorelUpdateHelperTaskCore tasks does not work because it sometimes causes problems with starting Painter.

It's not that they pop up during Painter usage - I would expect that.

But they pop up when using other applications when Painter hasn't even been run on the system!

Plus, they sometime pop up in the lower right of the monitor in such a way they are partially off the screen and I cannot click an "X" to get rid of them.

I have actually lost work and time in other applications because they pop up over the Save button (like in Photoshop) and the only way to get rid of the pop ups is to reboot the system - WITH ALL THE WORK I HAVE DONE IN PHOTOSHOP LOST!

They are beyond annoying and far too frequent.

HOW do I STOP them?

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  • The file name is CUH.exe (Corel Update Helper - what a delightfully named description for something that is nothing more than adware). I use Process Lasso and have registered CUH.exe as a Disallowed Process, so it is never allowed to start up. Alternatively I suppose you could rename CUH.exe to say, CUH1.exe, and that would prevent it running (sorry, can't remember where it's located, you'd need to search for it).

    Like as not there will also be a Corel service that runs it, so if you disable that it will have the same effect. I've not looked for one so can't tell you which it is. There might be other options for disabling too.

    CUH.exe will force this spam onto your desktop even if you're not running Painter, and it is even running after the supposed 'offer' has expired. It's also interesting to read the text of the 'offer'; it reads like one of those fraudulent websites offering you some tat for '$97 ONLY! Reduced from $1878.21 if you order NOW!!'

    After 18 years using Corel Painter exclusively, 11 years of that professionally, I've now transitioned to Paintstorm. Corel have no idea how to develop Painter; they don't have the will, they don't have the technical knowledge, they don't have the user knowledge and they don't have the desire to listen to feedback from the users. They're taking the customer for all they're worth before the product croaks.

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