If Corel Painter series not support Microsoft Surface 7 pro. Please list it in the software description on your website.

Many Microsoft Surface 7 pro users had pen pressure issues with Painter for more than a year.

Any other drawing software works just fine with Microsoft surface pro 7.

If Corel Painter has no plan to solve the problem, can you please list "it's not support Microsoft Surface Pro 7" in the software description on your website?

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  • Painter 2022 pressure also does not work. It does not work on the new Microsoft surface studio laptop. In RTS mode you get broken lines, completely useless. In wacom mode the line is solid but there is no pressure or tilt response. Furthermore it fails to recognize the nvidia GPU and painter crashes. Returned it. All other such as, Photoshop, Fresco, Rebelle 4, Art Rage, krita, Blender, microsoft whiteboard and many others work just fine with pressure response on the surface computers. Corel has indicated that they have no intention to fix this.