Using multiple windows in Corel Painter 2021

I recently upgraded to Painter 21 from Painter 17. I'm discovering that I can't drag a document window to another monitor so I can paint on it. This was how I worked with Painter 17 and it worked great. I am using a larger Wacom PTH-851 tablet which is right in front of the monitor I want to work on. I'm having no luck continuing my previous workflow. My system specs are this:
2010 Mac Pro Tower 12 core Intel Xeon with 64 GB Ram. GPU is a Radeon RX 580 8 GB. System software is macOS Mojave 10.14.6. Start up main monitor is a 4K 3840px X 2160px resolution. The secondary monitor I want to paint on displays 2560px X 1440px . It worked great using Painter 17. I'm suspecting that Corel has moved away from undocking windows. Any ideas on how to replicate my setup using Painter 2021? Thanks!

  • If you de-Maximize the main Corel Paint window, you can drag it to the other monitor. You can also expand it large enough to cover both monitors if you want to have canvases on both monitors. But yeah, they don't exist outside of the main workspace (although, somewhat frustratingly, several of the panels do just fine outside the main window, and in fact will not move with the main window).

  • I find this a real nuisance, I want to drag a clone document to another monitor and you cannot. I also find when painter opens on a second monitor the new document gets stuck above the interface and the you cannot move or minimise it, only solucion is open on the main monitor and drag the whole interface over. More unresolved bug from painter,