Colour wheel and buttons unresponsive - Corel Painter 2019 on HP Pavilion x360

Hi I have downloaded Corel Painter 2019 on to my new Pavilion.  When buttons are selected or a colour chosen in the colour wheel they remain unselected, however it still works.  

For example  when I load the program green is the default colour in the colour triangle.  When I choose a different colour from the outside circle, the inner triangle remains green when it should change to reflect the new colour.  When I start drawing however, the new colour is being used.

And if I click on the eraser the button doesn't become selected, however I can still erase.

This is all bizarre and frustrating.

Corel Painter works fine on my old Pavilion laptop so I was a bit surprised by this behaviour on my new one.  I even had a Corel technician remote in and it all looked fine on their end, and so they seemed unable to provide any more assistance or understand my issue.

Just wondering if any one has experienced the same issue or may know how to resolve this.  I have tried reinstalling numerous times.

Thanks in advance!