Particleshop doesn't work on Mac Big Sur

After upgrading my Mac's to Big Sur, ParticleShop no longer works properly. 

When opening an image from photoshop, the mouse pointer just stays as a pointer, I can't actually paint on the image no matter what tool I select. 

Selection of brushes or tools is working but nothing happens when I move the pointer over the image.

Anyone else had this issue?

  • I have had the same issue and after 3 days contacting Corel support they did eventually admit that it doesnt work on Big Sur

  • I purchased Painter 2020 at the end of 2020 when BigSur was out.

    I was fobbed off by Corel Support saying that an update was coming until my return window was over, then they announced that it was not compatible, and there was no update.

    The 2020 software did not work in 2020, and I will have to buy 2021. Nice.

    Ditch this company.

  • for the last plus two years I been having the worst experience with this company. I had open a ticket about this issue with particleshop not working with photoshop as a plugin since last year. my last contact was July 31 2020 about the software stopping work after Catalina released. they gave no solution in fact they just stop replying my emails. then I upgrade to Big Sur and decide to contact them one again for the same issue. here is a short description of their answer from support engineer: " This issue has been reviewed by the development team, and there are currently no plans to address it. If that changes, we will let you know. In accordance with this, they have temporarily closed the ticket." THAT IS IT they did it again. if you go to their page they are selling the software for $49.99 but if you look on the tech section THEY DO NOT SUPPORT IT FOR MAC ANY MORE. No wonder why this company have so many bad reviews. this weekend I spend many hours try to contact them, the only way I was able was through chat and did not resolved anything. their phone is on  a loop mode, keeps telling to press 1 to speak to customer service. there is no other department you can contact them like customers relations or management, the email from support engineer you cannot reply to them if you do you will receive a email back saying " Dear Valued Customer,
    Thank you for reaching out to Corel. We would like to inform you that this email address isn't maintained anymore.
    If you have a support request or any other question related to Corel products, please contact our Support Team or check our Knowledge Base.
    Sincerely,The Corel Support Team" I will never buy another software from this or any linked company related to Corel. If they have any intention to support software for Mac user, why sell them from the beginning ? why they did not let me know since last year that they have no intentions of support the software for Mac but instead they just ignore me. shame