How to Import ParticleShop brushes


I am new to Painter!

Wondering if anyone can help with importing ParticleShop brushes into Painter 2021. I own a lot of brushes that I use with the ParticleShop plugin for Adobe Photoshop. 

I've been in touch with Corel help and they are pretty much no help. Here's where I'm at:

- ParticleShop brush folder has been copied and pasted into Corel/Painter2021/Brushes

- I have "right-clicked" and unselected "read only" (although even after saving it seems to immediately default back to "read only")

- When I look at the Brush Library in Painter I can see the Particle Brushes folder but when I click on it nothing happens

I am running Painter on Windows 10. 

If anyone can offer any advice it would be much appreciated.