Need to de install Painter IX manually by locating Painter files after a lot of problems.

Hello. I have a rather unusual question. On Amazon I bought an old issue of Painter IX Education edition. It was supposedly compatible with both Mac OS X and Mac OS Classic as well.

I thought that I would be bargain.

When I tried to install it on my Imac there was a stopmark on the install icon. Because the installer was a compressed WISEapplication installer combining Mac OS X and Classic there was no separation between the two.

I then switched computer to an old macbook which I still use in the hope that the installer which was compatible with the old one and thus had no stop mark on it would separate the two systems so that I would be able to copy the Max OS X installer to a flash drive to use on the Imac. However installing Painter IX on the Macbook running 10.6.8 which is the last possible system upgrad on that model proved to be a bad call as Painter IX started to reac havoc with my old Macbook, which started to freeze immediately after finishing startup.

It became impossible to use the computer. It can still be used in safe mode but otherwise it just freezes.

In safe mode I then tried to drag the Painter Application into the trash but that didn´t solve the problem.
I then reinstalled Mac OS X. The problems persists.

So now I need to find the installed Painter IX files that remain  which are causing this situation.I also cannot de install from the installer files as the Macbook bounces the installer application when I try to start it

So I will need to locate all the files that came with Painter IX and remove them manually to find the problem.

I am trying to find out what the attachements and other technical files in Painter IX are called in order to be able to locate them.

Does anyone know in whichs folders I will be able to find them?