.exe brush pack installation question

I just purchased Painter 2022. Came with 6 free brush packs. Each pack downloads as a .exe file.

No information was supplied as to how to install the .exe files.

If I execute the .exe file (win10), what happens?  I'm guessing each .exe file results in a new brush category installed into the P22 brush Library???

If so, can I move them to a separate brush library (and remove them from the P22 brush library)?

Better still would be to install each into the brush library of my choice (and avoid contaminating the default p22 brush library). How do I do that?

  • Mostly; I believe it installs to the current brush library, which is P22 by default. Yes. And most of Corel's install packs are standard windows install archives so you can extract and move the files to the default libraries or into a workspace. Or install via the EXE into the default folder and then nice the files in the file explorer.

  • With advice from Skip Allen and Karen Bonaker I have resolved and installed the free .exe brush packs.

    They auto install into the Painter 2022 default native brush library (no choice, just happens).

    From there I exported each as a .brushcategory and imported each into my desired custom brush library and then removed them from the P22 brush library.

    They all work AOK.