Corel Painter giving me wiggly lines and not smooth, help?

Hi guys,

So i used to use Corel Painter on Mac. Now i switched to PC. Now im having a super annoying issue and i dont know how to fix it. 

Every line i draw has weird breaks in it and does not come out smooth. A line that is drawn super fast and smooth somehow comes out with a wiggly look. This does not happen in photoshop, and does not happen on Corel on my Mac.  Here is 2 pictures. One where i draw smooth lines the way they are supposed to look, and the weird slightly wiggly lines that Corel is giving me currently. 

Smooth Normal Lines

Weird Wiggly Lines

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.  (I tried re-installing the program a couple times, downloading different wacom drivers, different brushes, plugging tablet into different usb, turning on and off windows ink, etc)


 I went to windows>settings>system >Display and changed "Change the size of text, apps, and other items" from 150% to 100%. And magically i have the smoothest lines ever like i used to, And i can switch it back and forth between 150% scaling and 100% and get the problem to come and go.