Performance score for Painter 2022 only half of score of Painter 2021, on same machine

I originally posted this in another thread, and it was suggested that I post it here as well.

I installed the 2022 trial, and this is the first disappointing thing that I noticed. Please see the screencaps. The top score, 8835, is for 2021, the bottom one, 4350, is for 2022. To make sure, I ran the performance scanner 5 times in each application, each time getting similar results. I only had one painter version running at a time. This is from my juiced ConceptD 5 Pro laptop.


I realize that these are both good performance scores, and I may be splitting hairs--yet I'm disturbed that the score for Painter 2022 is half that of 2021. I haven't used the new version enough yet for a real-world comparison, though.


I also did a startup comparison between versions 2021 and 2022. On my computer, 2021 opens to the welcome screen in 14.2 seconds, while 2022 opens in 11 seconds flat. Only a 3.2 second difference, but version 2022 is the winner for startup time. This test was with all brushes installed in both apps, including the large ultimate bundle and about 20 extra brushpacks that I had purchased.